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Developed by leading figures in the global health industry, BioAge is the most accurate assessment tool for your client’s overall health.


Increase Client Engagement


Unlike other health assessment tools, BioAge uses the latest findings in behavioural psychology, creating a personalised and engaging action plan for your clients to complement your training with them.

Improve Retention

The BioAge software  improves member retention for personal trainers and fitness centers as the BioAge Behaviour Change Journey creates a positive cycle of actions and results for clients. By creating a demand for clients to retake their BioAge Assessments often and track their progress, personal trainers and fitness centres are able to generate more revenue and easily show the results of their clients’ hard work.

Insightful Reporting

Bolster your marketing campaigns with the results-driven reporting from BioAge. With BioAge, you are able to track the average reduction in the BioAge of clients who re-take the test and then drill down to individual parameters such as blood pressure and cardiovascular fitness to show improvements over time.

Comprehensive Data

If you have more than one type of client as most of us do, then we have a range of tests and you can pick which one actually suits you best.  We also have the ability to create white label assessments with custom reports, so the tools we offer arerelevant to your health priorities and fitness facility.


There are four distinct BioAge Tests:


 BioAge Standard Test 

Our most popular BioAge test, suitable for most of the population with many of the tests familiar to many facilitators


 BioAge Clinical Test

Our most comprehensive test that includes relevant blood measures such as blood sugar and cholesterol levels for more clinical result.


 BioAge Strength Test

A focused assessment of strength and hypertrophy.


 BioAge Sport Test

A focused assessment of  the mental and physical aspects of sports performance.



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