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Over the last few decades, the vast majority of medical and health & fitness professionals have not maximised their client results because they have made a very common mistake, that has come from good intentions – we have tended to tell people what’s wrong with them, and tell them what they need to do to fix it. Many studies show that there is a much better approach, which combines techniques such as self-determination theory, motivational interviewing and others.

BioAge provides it’s professional clients with comprehensive behaviour change education and a range of well-proven tools for eliciting behaviour change, which increases the effectiveness of your professional knowledge.

In addition to this, BioAge solves another problem of the medical and fitness industries – that we present information to clients in a manner that is meaningful to us, but does not engage them. By taking traditional health and fitness information and presenting it in a manner that is meaningful to the client, engagement in the behaviour change process becomes more likely – and when combines with the behaviour change education and tools, the chances of a successful outcome are increased significantly.


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Behaviour Change Education

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