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How To: Queens College Step Test

The Queen’s College Step Test is a great way to assess the VO2 max of a client if a facilitator does not have the 20 meters necessary to administer the recommended Beep Test.

Equipment Needed

  • A step 16.25 inches or 41.3 cm high
  • Metronome or cadence tape

Conducting the Test

  • Make sure your client is adequately warmed up for fitness activity
  • Set up the metronome to the required steps/minute pace, for men this is usually 22 and women 24)
  • Ensure the client maintains the required steps/minute pace
  • Stop the test after 3 minutes and records the athlete’s heart rate for 15 seconds (PR)


For more about conducting the test, please visit www.brianmac.co.uk and watch the video below.

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