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The following downloads are available for you to use when marketing BioAge within your business. Please ensure that you read the Brand Guidelines and familiarise yourself with the correct use of the BioAge brand before you create your own promotional material.

Please note that the BioAge B2C Brochure download is a PDF file with bleed lines included whereas the BioAge Infographic is a PDF file of the BioAge Client Journey without the bleed lines included.  Our BioAge Logo Download will lead you to our Dropbox folder where you will be able to download the logo that’s right for your needs.

If you have any questions regarding the use of any of these elements please contact us via our Contact page







New at BioAge


The New Health Monitoring Earphones

BioAge is offering our trainers, club chains and fitness centres an exclusive Pre-Release offer on the Infinity Health Monitoring Earphones & App ™. The Infinity Health Monitoring Earphones™...

Condition Your Brain For Success

Have you ever had a moment where you became deeply upset, embarrassed, or sad and then continued to replay that moment in your mind over and over again, sometimes with the same physical...

How To: Queens College Step Test

The Queen’s College Step Test is a great way to assess the VO2 max of a client if a facilitator does not have the 20 meters necessary to administer the recommended Beep Test. Equipment...

VO2max Norm Ranges

When entering your VO2max test data, be sure to keep in mind the  norms for men and women, making sure that you’re client’s results are within a range that seems accurate. VO2 Max...