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BioAge offers the ability to customise different assessments, making it your own branded health assessment.


To deliver the most user-friendly, comprehensive health assessment we have developed the  BioAge Standard Test and recommend that facilitators streamline their business with few customisations.  The BioAge Standard Test was designed to:

  • Maximise client experience to increase engagement and retention.
  • Increase the networking potential to promote your business. When all clients do the same test, they are more likely to tell their friends about it.
  • Eliminate user error with easy to manage processes and flow.
  • Allow your prospective client to compare their previous BioAge reports to the service you will provide.


BioAge Standard Test Components

Click on the icons below to learn how to administer and customise each assessment.

Metabolic Tests


Blood Pressure

Ensure client is relaxed and well rested. Stop and do some deep breathing and ask them if they are relaxed before continuing.

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Body Composition

BMI is automatically calculated from client details and combined with the client’s waist measurement for a complete body composition score.

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Physical Tests



 VO2 max

For the Beep Test/Shuttle Run, enter the level and shuttle which automatically generates a variation in the calculator.

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Mobility (or Flexibility)

Enter the number of faults: No Errors, Upper Body Only or Lower Body.  Lower Body can also include Upper and/or Full Body errors.

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Lung Function

Ensure mouthpiece is sterile or new.   Client performs 3 tests — record the best score of those 3.

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Strength Strength

Strength is determined by doing push-ups.  Males perform full push-ups  on the toes to the point where their upper arms are parallel.

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Core Endurance

Core Endurance is determined by the plank or prone hold position.  Ensure the client’s body remains straight throughout.

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Behavioural Tests




Enter the amount of cigarettes the client smokes per day.  Just one cigarette each week or month will do enough damage to be counted as one per day in this test.

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Enter how many alcoholic beverages the client drinks on average per week.  One Standard Drink = 250ml of beer or 100ml glass of wine.

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Add up the results from our questionnaire.






Add up the results from our questionnaire.





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