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Condition Your Brain For Success

Have you ever had a moment where you became deeply upset, embarrassed, or sad and then continued to replay that moment in your mind over and over again, sometimes with the same physical sensations you had felt?  How did you feel the next time you were in a situation that reminded...

Alzheimer’s Prevention

BioAge Founder, Exercise Physiologist, Nutritionist and Neuroscientist Paul Taylor discusses the link between lifestyle and Alzheimer’s disease, offering simple ways to thrive as we grow older. First posted on BallaratWellness.com

Effective Recovery & Executive Performance

Have you ever slept off a cold or bad injury?  In addition to increasing our mental clarity, reaction time and balancing our hormone levels, sleep is one of our bodies’ most powerful tools for recovery from physical, emotional, and mental stresses.  How much should we really be...

Building New Habits

First published on BallaratWellness.com Creating new habits or replacing old habits with healthier alternatives is important to living a more resilient lifestyle. Here are some initial tips for creating a new habit. We’ll have more tips and tricks throughout the week. 1. On...